Make Cloud Computing a Reality

Iomega's Personal Cloud is your own network, connecting your own PC or Mac to your own Iomega® StorCenter™ NAS device allowing the friends and family you choose to easily and securely view, edit and share files.

  • This is the Cloud of Your Dreams!
  • No monthly fees
  • Up to 12 devices connected simultaneously (internet connection speed dependent)
  • Invite up to 250 members
  • Sync files directly between computers as though they were on a local network
  • Use with almost any desktop, laptop, media storage, or smart mobile device
  • Drag & Drop functionality for easy file tranfer
  • Once set up, near zero maintenance
  • Encryption and password protected

View our selection of StorCenter NAS devices:

StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition

StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Edition

px4-300d Server Class

px6-300d Server Class

px4-300r Server Class

StorCenter px12-350r Server Class